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Around the Castle of Gropparello there are some paths, the ancient patrol walkways, which descend to the gorges of the stream, called Gole del Vezzeno.
The walk, in a very suggestive landscape, winds along a steep path descends that between the gorges of the stream, immersed in a spontaneous vegetation which, thanks to the particular microclimate due to the joining of the “hot” rock with the humidity of the Vezzeno stream, sees Icelandic lichens coexist with sedum, carob trees and Scots pines.

Very interesting visit to the Museum of the Rising Rose
Physically the museum extends throughout the park of the Castle of Gropparello and at the moment counts 17 rose gardens, and it also includes those present in the courtyard of honor within the medieval walls; The rose gardens were installed with plants complementary in shape and colors: iberis sempervirens, licorice, savory, lavender, peonies and buddleie. Today the garden has 1200 rose plants with over 125 varieties.

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