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Pietra Perduca and Pietra Parcellara

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Piera Parcellara vista da Scarniago

In Valtrebbia there are two stones that are considered the “protectors of the valley”.

They are the Pietra Perduca and the Pietra Parcellara, two mountains of ophiolites that represent the ophiolitic outcrops located further north and closer to the plain of the entire Apennines.

Pietra Perduca and Pietra Parcellara are also very interesting from a historical point of view.

Around them also hover suggestive legends: it is said that they were dropped right there by giants or pagan gods.

Those who are not accustomed to the ‘magical’ genre can still reach the area because both stones allow you to make beautiful walks from which you are rewarded by a wonderful 360 ° view of the surrounding area.

The Pietra Parcellara is a beautiful site overlooking the Trebbia valley in a point where the hilly stretch is still gentle, different from the grandeur and sometimes from the harshness of the peaks that follow the river in its ascent towards the source.

The ensemble formed by the Pietra Parcellara (836 m), the Pietra Perduca, the Pietra Marcia (722 m.) and the Pietre Nere, constitutes the most spectacular ophiolitic complex in the province of Piacenza for its imposing isolation, as well as the northernmost or close to the Po Valley.

Around this highly mystical area linked to Mother Earth, rites and cults that survived until Roman times developed. The Pietra Parcellara, called in Piacenza dialect “Pedra Parslèra”, sees gushing around it, at the base of its perimeter, various sources of healing waters, including one called Acqua Marcia which was used by the monks of Bobbia, to save themselves from the Plague during the Middle Ages.

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