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Val Trebbia is one of the most geologically interesting areas in Italy. It is named after the river Trebbia, which crosses the area with clear waters and unique meanders. The Abbey of St. Colombano in Bobbio, the Neolithic Village of Travo and the medieval castles representing the history are all worth a visit!

Val Trebbia is named after the homonymous river, the absolute star of the valley, wending its way from the source at Monte Prelà in the province of Genoa through the province of Pavia into the province of Piacenza, before joining the Po River. 

The river has carved narrow meanders between the different types of rock, creating a unique and beautiful natural landscape. Val Trebbia is one of Italy’s most interesting geological areas thanks to its exceptional biodiversity.

It is also historically important, thanks to the presence of the famous Bobbio Abbey of St. Columbanus, one of the most important medieval cultural centres in Europe, founded by the Irish monk in 614. The Abbey is famous for its prestigious Scriptorium, which inspired the writer Umberto Eco to write his best-seller “The Name of the Rose”, and for the Neolithic Village of St. Andrea in Travo, one of the main prehistoric settlements in northern Italy, which contains many structures dating back to the 5th millennium BC. It also boasts a great number of castles, some of which belong to the Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza association: The Castle and Medieval Village of Rivalta, the Fortress and Castle of Agazzano, the Castle of Montechiaro and the Malaspina-Dal Verme Castle of Bobbio.

And let us not forget the culinary aspect, offering a wide choice of flavours influenced by different traditions: Ligurian, Piedmontese, Lombard and Emilian (e.g. Municipal Designation of Origin or De.Co. products: maccheroni alla bobbiese, brachettone, almond cakes and crispy or croccante cakes). At the right time of year, it is possible to taste all the delicious fruits of the forest, such as fragrant porcini mushrooms and truffles, both white and black. The region is also overflowing with remarkable wines, even if the only local DOC product (Protected Designation of Origin) is the Trebbianino.

Val Trebbia is a perfect destination for nature lovers, who can spend their days trekking, canyoning, climbing and enjoying the tree-trails adventure, but also for culture lovers, with its museums and archaeological sites: castles, churches and medieval villages. When Ernest Hemingway visited the valley during the Second World War with the American troops, he wrote in his diary “Today I crossed the most beautiful valley in the world”.

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