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Val Tidone on the western border is crossed by nature trails and enchanting scenery. History and culture blend here in a rolling landscape of vineyards with skilled wine and agricultural producers. The excellence of its local products is a perfect match for the wines of the “Colli Piacentini”

Val Tidone is characterised by forests, fields and soft undulating hills covered in vineyards. The villages in the valley are dotted with churches, shrines and medieval castles. 

Travelling along the scenic routes on the hilltops, you can sense the beauty, colours and history of the valley. Val Tidone is in fact a borderland, even today traveled by pilgrims following its historical and naturalistic trails. 

The food and wine of Val Tidone could be the number one reason why this valley is worth a visit! The cuisine is varied, tasty and, thanks to the many local producers, Piacenza is the only province in Europe with 3 PDO foods: piacentine Coppa, Pancetta and Salame. You can also find many other artisan cured meats here. 

Cotechino sausages, the sweet ring-shaped buslan biscuits, focaccia with pork rind called chisöla… you can taste tradition in these officially denominated De.Co. products. But the undisputed top of the valley’s heritage foods is batarò, a warm unleavened bread filled with cured meat or cheese.  

The traditional DOC quality wines of the “Colli Piacentini” are: Gutturnio, Malvasia di Candia Aromatica and Ortrugo. The many wineries in the territory follow local traditions as well as implementing the most modern technology in wine making. Many are open for guided tours, tastings and vineyard visits, as well as picnics and dinners organised in the vineyards for a unique experience. The Val Tidone wines are a true asset and a perfect match for the local dishes and typical products.

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