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Immerse yourself in nature and the outdoor experiences, discover old itineraries, dive into history and memories, taste authentic local products and Piacenza’s tradition: this is Val Nure but there is much more to discover.

The landscape gradually changes as the valley rises gently from the plain along the Nure River, which gives the territory its name. The valley is home to unique and varied flora and fauna, with its vineyard-dotted hills, high peaks and rocky spurs. If you are looking for relaxation and inner peace, look no further than an excursion to the beautiful glacial lakes, adorned with water lilies in spring. Boasting the first and largest outdoor sports district, opportunities abound for those who love outdoor experiences. On foot, by bicycle or on horseback, there are well-signposted trails suitable for all. There are also plenty of sports centres and facilities, further expanding the range of activities available to ensure all expectations are met.

Val Nure is also steeped in culture: Every bell tower bears witness to ancient stone processing techniques, and the landscape is strewn with castles and fortresses, now private residences and/or open to the public. Experience the magic of a timeless village: Grazzano Visconti was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century in neo-Gothic style, with narrow streets surrounded by greenery, traditional houses with spires and mullioned windows and artisan shops working with iron, ceramics and wood, not to mention its historic castle and grounds. Be enchanted by the Castle of Gropparello, which towers over a high cliff and houses Italy’s most magical attraction, the Parco delle Fiabe or “Fairy Tale Park”.

Since the Middle Ages, this land was a commercial crossroads between the Po Valley to the ports of Liguria. As the birthplace of Columbus family, the Torre (tower) that bears their name in Pradello is now a museum dedicated to their great navigator son.

Pausing to savour the food and wine is a must in Val Nure, where you can enjoy the authenticity of local De.Co. (Municipal Designation of Origin) products, infused with the mountain’s flavours and great traditions, as well as the three superb PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cured meats: Coppa, Pancetta and Salame, which pair exquisitely with the DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) Colli Piacentini wines.

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