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Village of Rivalta

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Just outside Piacenza is the medieval village of Rivalta with its Castle.
Lying along the Trebbia river, the history of Rivalta dates back to Roman times.

Rivalta is a walled city with some elements dating back to the thirteenth century. At the entrance of the city there was a drawbridge, but now there is only a tower that is part of the Oratory of the Madonna del Ponte.

The entrance to the village is a beautiful ogival arch with its square tower 36 meters high. This was the original watchtower of Rivalta.

Another important point to see is the Church of San Martino. Dedicated to the Hungarian saint, Martin of Tours (died 397 AD). The origins of this church could date back to before the eleventh century. It has been entirely rebuilt over the centuries. Its architectural style is Lombard Romanesque.

Do not miss the castle, of course.
The external feature that attracts the most attention is its cylindrical tower that distinguishes it from other castles in the area. In addition, it is unique in that it has been maintained by the Landi family and is perfectly restored. The rooms are huge and decorated with authentic period pieces. The great hall, chapel, library and kitchen, among other rooms, are all part of the guided tour.

Inside the Castle there is a museum that houses a fabulous collection of costumes and military weapons as well as sacred art. The private collection of armory dates back to the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries and also includes rare pieces of Japanese origin. The uniforms displayed on life-size mannequins and some on horses, date back to the pre-unification period of Italy until the Second World War.

The most unusual piece of the sacred art collection is a statue of Christ that is made of ebony and portrays a completely naked Christ. There are also pieces from the Church of San Martino and various objects from the private collection of the Landi.

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