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The Mount Caio It is one of the most important mountain massifs, rich in panoramic views of rare beauty and area of particular floristic and geological interest thanks to the presentation of the Flysch formations of Monte Caio: sequences of calcarenitic and marly layers – gray and yellowish calcareous, with dark gray clay layers; The summit is formed entirely of limestone rock and therefore some karst phenomena can be observed.

From the main peak (Punta F.Bocchialini 1584 m above sea level) there are 360° panoramas both towards the main Apennine ridge (south) and in the direction of the valley of the Parma stream (north). The southern slope (in the municipality of Palanzano) is steeper and steeper, while the north slope slopes gently towards Schia and consists of prairies, pastures and beech forests; This makes it particularly suitable for trekking, mountain biking in summer, snowshoeing and skiing in winter.

The whole massif is crossed by CAI paths, marked paths for mountain bikes, bridleways, a feature that makes it an ideal destination for excursions and days in the open air.

While in winter the area hosts facilities and slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding, in the other seasons trekking “is the master” thanks to the CAi trail network which, starting from the parking lot of Schia, leads with the path 737 to the ridge of M.te Caio first to Corno di Caneto (14323 m s.l.m.) and then to Cima Bocchialini (1584 m s.l.m.) from where, if desired, you can continue south towards P.sso di Zigana and P.sso del Ticchiano, passing through the beautiful Hermitage of San Matteo (CAI 753).

Also from the Tizzanese side it is possible to reach the summit of Monte Caio from the dirt road that starts from the Musiara Superiore-Schia road and leads to the Costa Grande where it rejoins the CAI 737 trail marker, just below the peaks of Mount Caio. Along the dirt road that leads to M.te Caio it is possible to make a suggestive detour towards the Great Beech, monumental tree located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, which presents an estimated age of about 250 years, a height of 33.7 meters and a trunk circumference of 5.53 meters.

The majesty of its foliage does not leave indifferent. Today the access path to the monumental tree is enriched by “surprise boxes”, made by the Middle School of Tizzano Val Parma, containing descriptive cards of the flora and fauna of the place and stories and poems composed by the students.

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