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“MutaMenti”, Art and Ideas for a changing village

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Changes. Art and ideas for a changing village, an open-air museum itinerary in Borgo Val di Taro, conceived by the Department of Culture of the Municipality and supported by the Cariparma Foundation.

Brushstrokes of color give vitality to the alleys, local artists who sign street corners with their works bringing out of anonymity even public buildings. A human and artistic journey, given that the murals recall characters who were born or lived in Borgo Val di Taro and convey messages becoming tools for urban and cultural regeneration.

It is in this way that Borgo Val di Taro is one of the European places that favor a transformation with the language of beauty.

Each mural is equipped with a QR Code connected with the tourist site sostalborgo.it of the Municipality of Borgotaro, which thus becomes a real catalog of public art of the Municipality, complete with addresses, names of the authors, history of the characters and dates.

Below is the map.

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