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Emilia Romagna at the table 2022: Isa Mazzocchi’s rice ravioli are the dish of the year

ISA MAZZOCCHI - ravioli di riso

After a long break due to the pandemic, the presentations of the food and wine guides are finally back.
One of the most interesting novelties is certainly the volume Emilia-Romagna a Tavola 2022, which is dedicated to the excellence of a region with an ancient culinary vocation.
The guide collects in itself the 100 best restaurants and 30 pizzerias worthy of note, in addition to the wines and typical products that most know how to enhance the territory and delight the palates. A new tool to monitor the evolution of culinary art from Piacenza to Rimini, from the Apennines to the Adriatic.
Among the most important verdicts are:
Massimo Bottura, awarded as Best Chef of the Year,
and Isa Mazzocchi, starred chef ofthe restaurant La Palta of Borgonovo Val Tidone (Pc), for her rice ravioli between East and West.

Isa came to fame working since 1989 in a tiny hamlet of Borgonovo Valtidone, in the province of Piacenza. The family tavern, reference for Bilegno because it sold salts and tobacco, which turns season after season into a high-level restaurant, without disconnecting from the territory rather exalting it.

The menu of La Palta is an alternation of creativity, tradition reinterpreted with a touch of irreverence and solid dishes of the past.
A cuisine without rules other than respect for its territory, raw materials and the balance of flavors.
In his dishes there is the land of Piacenza, combined with a look at the world and its influences.

Do you want to discover the dish of the year?
Here you are:
The Ravioli di riso tra Oriente e Occidente are ravioli of Venus rice flour stuffed with spring onion, herbs and ginger, seasoned with coconut cream and chilli, garnished with rice crumble.

In short, a true excellence of the territory … no doubt about it!

PhotoCredit: https://www.lamadia.com/

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