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Bobbio Mon Amour is an interactive multimedia project designed to disseminate not only information and services to citizens, tourists and the socio-economic fabric but makes communication and images its “cornerstones”, making the visit of the village, a dynamic, engaging and enveloping experience.

The project provides a strong modularity, this allows it to expand according to new needs and new interlocutors. The possibility of having different methods of “disclosure” of information and services. The use of different technologies also different from each other, different ways of interaction between them This is possible thanks to the use of a common database within which reside all the contents that are constantly updated, this allows to cope with new needs in a short and certain time.

The functions of the project allow visitors to fully grasp what Bobbio represents and has to offer. The aim and purpose of the project is to capture the interest of the visitor by encouraging him to visit Bobbio and its surroundings and once arrived in the village involve him in the active visit.

The visitor can download the application from home through the stores or by interfacing through totems. The visitor can access information, make visits with ” free” routes or choose from the recommended routes, choose what to see, where to go and how long.
The visitor’s smartphone or tablet turns into a guide tool that will lead and involve him in the emotional visit, to discover the peculiarities and beauties of Bobbio, thanks also to the use of augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D reconstruction.

Bobbio Mon Amour leads and accompanies both inside museums, churches, abbeys, and castle, guiding him in the visit and making him discover the peculiarities of these sites, with Virtual reconstructions of how some environments were and the faithful 3D reconstruction of objects now reduced to a few fragments, as well as will lead him and guide him outside through alleys, squares, courses, to discover the monuments and peculiarities of Bobbio. This, thanks to the use of over 20 armored beacons arranged along the streets of the village and inside the buildings concerned.

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