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Review of the Black Truffle of Pecorara

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The appointment is for Sunday 15 October from 10.30 am in the square and in the streets of Pecorara, where the stands will be set up that will showcase the best specimens of truffles and mushrooms, evaluated by a special commission of experts and technicians. Next to them, the stalls of other products fruit of the earth and transformed by man, starting from the potatoes of Busseto, another de.co. local, and then vegetables and honey, cold cuts, cheeses and invariably the wines of the Alta Val Tidone. Without forgetting the artisans, hobbyists and associations.

From 12.30 pm the food and wine stands will open in the refreshment area at “Area Campo Giochi Giuseppe Luppini”, where the Pro Loco will prepare typical dishes based on truffles and mushrooms. At 2.30 pm the always engaging search competition with truffle dogs with awards ceremony at 4.00 pm.
At 3.30 pm there will be a talk show starring some national journalists who, for the entire weekend, will be involved in a press tour to discover the territory of Alta Val Tidone. Alongside Riccardo Lagorio, journalist of the magazine Sale & Pepe, and one of the leading scholars of de.co. in Italy from which the path for the ministerial recognition of the municipal denominations of Pecorara – truffle and potato – was born, Alberto Lupini, director of Italia a Tavola, Elena Benaglia of McG and Raffaele D’Argenzio, director of Weekend in Auto, will be guests. Journalists will already be able to visit some agricultural and productive realities of the territory on Saturday to participate then, in the evening, in the “Nero in Accademia” tasting dinner, a sold-out event, curated at the Borgo di Mulino Lentino by the Academy of Piacenza cuisine with dishes based on black truffles. The journalists, after participating in the Pecorara review, will have the opportunity to discuss their experience and the excellence of the territory that hosts them.

Two other events of culture and gastronomic tradition will conclude the Sunday dedicated to the products of the undergrowth, which will open at 9.30 am with the excursion on foot to Monte Aldone as part of the Valtidone Lentamente program (info and reservations 3474435464). At 5.00 pm, the gentleman-chef Michele Mauro will propose a show cooking with a dish based on de.co products. in combination with still wines of the territory. At 18.00, finally, the traditional polentata by the Pro Loco, while the stands will still be active throughout the day and the restaurants in the area will offer themed menus. To cheer up Sunday also the traveling music through the streets of the village of “Tamboo Circus, Swing, Blues, Truffle and Balls” of the Tamboo Band.

The event, which has the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Province of Piacenza, is promoted and organized by the Municipality of Alta Val Tidone in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Pecorara, the Emilia-Romagna section of the National Association of Italian Truffle Hunters, the Provincial Association of Piacenza truffle hunters, the Alpine Group of Pecorara, the Bosco del Ducato and the Bank of Piacenza.

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