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Schermata 2023-04-18 alle 12.15.04

30/04/2023 at 09:45 at the Ghirardi Reserve

The Forest Bath is a practice of connection with nature that was born in Japan in the 80s with the name SHINRIN-YOKU, literally translated “immerse the senses in the wooded atmosphere”. It is a complete and regenerating immersion through sensory activities of interaction with woods and forests and effective to promote one’s psychophysical well-being. With this experience we allow nature to find its place within us by recovering that ancestral bond with it that is so intimate in each of us. The meeting place is the great organism Bosco while each of us is the space open to dialogue with it. It is not a hike, it is not a workout, we will not cover great distances, we will walk slowly and consciously in the woods; We will live together an experience of freedom and non-judgment, rediscovering that relationship with the forest that perhaps, for some time, we had forgotten. Outdoor activity conducted by Elena Dallatomasina (Expert in Forest Bath method CONI-CSEN Trentino Alto Adige). Adults-only activities – comfortable clothing with long pants and boots. At the Visitor Center of the Reserve in Predelle di Porcigatone, Borgo Val di Taro PR. Information info.riservaghirardi@parchiemiliaoccidentale.it; reservations required via SMS or Whatsapp at 3497736093 by 6 p.m. the day before. Contribution per person € 20


Tourist Information Office of Borgo Val di Taro
Tel.: 0525/96796 – Fax: 0525/96796 – Email: uit@comune.borgo-val-di-taro.pr.it

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