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Exhibition “History of comics” – Library of Fidenza


At the Leoni library in Fidenza until March 5, 2022 the exhibition “History of comics” is set up.

There are more than one hundred plates with the reproduction of the cover of the numbers 1 of the most famous and most read comics, both at home and overseas. Zagor, Tex, Spiderman, Flash Gordon, are just some of the characters who will smile in the coming months from the walls of the library.

The exhibition will host some precious first editions of comics that will be possible to consult, to the delight of fans of the sector.

Thanks to the contribution to support bookshops and libraries provided by the Ministry of Culture, brand new volumes of comics and graphic novels have been purchased, which will enrich the already large comics section of the library.

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration with ” Associazione Culturale Cosmic Comics Fidenza”

Here all the details: terrediverdi.it

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