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Castell’Arquato Taste & Love – Valentine’s Day in the village of Lovers


Castell’Arquato, known as “Il Borgo degli Innamorati”, invites you to spend a Valentine’s Day in the name of taste: the taste for art and history, with a special guided tour in the most evocative places of the village, but also the taste for body and soul, with a selection of wines and foods paired with passion among the excellences of the Piacenza area.

Starting at 16:00, a special animated guided tour designed to involve couples will accompany you among the main monuments of the Borgo degli Innamorati, from the church of the Collegiata to the Rocca Viscontea. There will be anecdotes related to legends and tales related to love and lovers that have been handed down in the village for generations.

Afterwards, a delicious aperitif in the Enoteca Comunale, located in the splendid setting of the thirteenth-century Palazzo del Podestà, will bring refreshment to your bodies and your souls, letting you discover the excellence in terms of gastronomy and oenology of the hills of the Val d’Arda.
Trio of DOP Piacenza cold cuts: coppa, pancetta, salami.
Pairing: Gutturnio classico superiore DOCG.
Selection of local cheeses with local sauces and jams.
Food pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon Colli Piacentini DOCG.
Burning heart of Valentine’s Day (chocolate cake with dark chilli filling).
Pairing: Monterosso Val d’Arda DOCG sparkling wine.
Sbrisolona with almonds and hazelnuts.
Food pairing: Passito wine.
Included in the service: bread or similar, a bottle of water per couple, coffee.

Reservations required:
0523 803215 (also WhatsApp Business)

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