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Ancient Organs. A heritage to save


Back in September, at its 35th edition, the Festival “Ancient Organs. A heritage to be saved”: historical review born in 1987, which represents one of the longest-running events in the province of Piacenza.

The festival consists of 13 concerts, enhances young talented organists together with internationally renowned artists.


Roberto Bonetto

When: 3 September, 9 pm
Where: Bobbio, Abbey of San Colombano

Riccardo Tiberia

When: 10 September, 9 pm
Where: Podenzano, Church of San Germano

Matteo Messori

When: 17 September, 9 pm
Where: San Pedretto, Church of San Pietro Apostolo

Enrico Bissolo

When: 18 September, 9 pm
Where: Muradello, Church of San Colombano

Juan Paradell Solé

When: 24 September, 9 pm
Where: San Nicoló, Church of San Nicola di Bari

Stefano Pellini

When: 25 September, 9 pm
Where: Trevozzo, Church of Santa Maria Assunta

An organ to save

When: 30 September, 9 pm
Where: San Giuliano Piacentino, Church of S.Giuliano Martire

Irene Ruvo

When: 1 October, 9 pm
Where: Campremoldo Sopra, Church of Campremoldo Sopra

Fabio Ciofini

When: 2 October, 9 pm
Where: Ponte dell’Olio, Church of S.Giacomo Maggiore

Ismaele Gatti

When: 8 October, 9 pm
Where: Ziano, Church of St. Paul the Apostle

Fabio Macera

When: 9 October, 9 pm
Where: Holy Spirit Cross, Church of the Holy Spirit

Angelo Castaldo and Benedetta Porcedda

When: October 15, 6 pm
Where: Fiorenzuola d’Arda, Collegiate Church of S. Fiorenzo

Giulio Mercati

When: 16 October, 9 pm
Where: San Polo, Church of St. Paul the Apostle


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